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Decorative Iron Fences iron fence specifications for architects

Iron Fence Designs

As a leading manufacturer of iron fencing, Iron World has some of the most popular, attractive and versatile fence designs around. Whether you are looking for classic or modern iron fence designs, our selection has a few styles that are sure to meet your needs and tastes.

In addition to our existing fence designs, we're happy to do custom fence manufacturing work as well. We can work within your specifications as required.

As a leading iron fence manufacturer, Iron World serves contractors, architects and other clients who have commercial, industrial or residential client needs. Take a look at some of our iron fence designs below.

> Industrial
> Industrial Solid Iron
> Commercial
> Residential


Swing Gate Designs

Iron World has a variety of iron swing gate designs that offer privacy and compliment your fencing and surrounding architecture. Commercial, industrial and residential styles are all available. Take a look at some of our styles via the link below.

> Swing Gate Designs & Styles


Slide Gate Designs

Slide gates are not only functional and practical, but can make an impressive aesthetic statement as well. Take a look at our slide gate designs with this link below.

> Slide Gate Designs & Styles


Privacy Panels

When your clients want privacy without compromising on style and appearance, trust Iron World's privacy panel designs to deliver. View our styles below.

> Privacy Panel Designs


Want to take the next step? Try browing our fence designs and styles above, or fill our our request a quote form to get an estimate.





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